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The financial compensation you may be entitled to is based on:

– how severe your injuries are;
– your age at the time of the accident;
– what parts of your body sustained injuries;
– which state your injury occurred;
– which lawyer you choose to represent you.

We will help you claim what you deserve!

Often, people involved in an accident have not either had a significant injury before and/ or have little or no experience with the law/ insurance industries. You may be confused with what to do next, how to start your claim, who to speak to and where to find a lawyer that will genuinely help you in your time of need. You may be suffering physically and emotionally, on top of the financial strain that often occurs as a result of not being able to work or earn your ordinary income. You may need to re-organise your finances to include your medical requirements and moving forward with your life. This is where we can help you right now!

We offer a free legal advisory service for compensation claims.

Claim Lawyers is a free legal advisory service available to anyone who has been genuinely injured at work or in a car accident or elsewhere and can’t work for a period of time. Please note, we do not encourage and prefer not to assist people who make false claims or very minor injury claims.

An injury that prevents you from working really only happens once in your life. When it does happen, like you, most people don’t really know what to do next. This is why we have provided some general information about Australia’s compensation laws on our website to give you a basic idea about what position you are in and what your options are.

Once you have read this information, we then recommend that you send us your details by calling us or by completing the form on (the right hand side of) our website. We will then forward your details to a qualified personal injury lawyer who will contact you directly and start the process of ensuring that you get the compensation payout you deserve, quickly and efficiently.

Note, the lawyer that will contact you has been advised by our organisation that:

You are genuine, and as such, your compensation claim is a priority;
You require a No Win No Fee arrangement with them (your lawyer will deduct their fees from your successful compensation payout);
They need to ensure that you awarded the payout that you deserve by law;
They need to complete your case as quickly as possible; and
They will not charge you excessively (the money will come out of your payout)

Compensation Claim Lawyers Costs: ‘No Win No Fee’

Our organisation will refer you to a personal injury lawyer that charges on a ‘No Win No Fee’ (or ‘no win no pay’) basis. These types of lawyers will not charge you any money upfront or any ongoing costs. They will only charge you FAIR legal fees and disbursements at the end of your court case if & when your court case is successful. Note, if for any reason your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay anything.

At Claim Lawyers, our services includes:

Free legal information that you can read on our website;
Matching your to the best personal injury lawyer located near you;
Arranging the lawyer we refer you to to give you free legal advice;
Ensuring that this lawyer will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis; and
Making sure that this lawyer’s costs are fair (when you win).

Each State and Territory has its own guidelines therefore it is necessary to read the correct information for your individual circumstances.

To read more information about injury law in your State or Territory, click on your State on the map:

The information contained in this website will help you understand:

How to make a claim for compensation;
Your legal rights to compensation;
If you have common law entitlements;
If you require a lawyer to represent you;
If your case qualifies for ‘no win no fee’;

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