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By seeking legal advice you can become aware of your legal rights!

Each State or Territory has completely different laws for compensation claims which is why it is recommended you seek specialist legal advice regarding your specific compensation case.

It is recommended that:

  • you seek advice soon after suffering an injury.  We understand suffering an injury can be very traumatic on the body, mentally and emotionally and that it may be difficult to talk about your injury and you may not feel ready to discuss what has happened.
  • you get legal advice before you accept any offer of compensation. In many cases, if you accept an offer, you will then end your future entitlements to further claims such as a Common Law Claim. Therefore, before you sign anything seek free legal advice to make sure you are making an informed decision.

Once we have forwarded you to a personal injury lawyer, they will offer you the necessary legal advice for free in order to help you become aware of your entitlements. Every compensation case is different and your entitlements will vary based on:

  • The State or Territory in which you live
  • The cause of your injury and whether or not there was any ‘negligence’ involved
  • The severity of your injury, or if your injury has a permanent aspect to it
  • When the injury happened (limitation periods do apply)

Your Checklist

The main things that anyone should know after sustaining an injury, at work, in a motor vehicle accident, or on a public property, are very simple and can save you a lot of time and frustrations down the track. Some guidelines to follow include:

  • Reporting the incident straight away to the appropriate person/party, being your employer, a property owner, or police if you have had a motor accident.
  • Visiting your Doctor to engage medical assistance, referrals for treatment, and investigations into your injury.
  • Get some information from a solicitor so that you can find out if you have any rights to claim benefits due to your injury.
  • Lodge the appropriate application so you are covered to receive benefits for your medical expenses, and out of pocket expenses.
  • Instruct a solicitor to investigate your claim file from the Insurance company, this will give you much more individual detailed advice.
  • If your injury is going to leave you with a permanent disability, or will be ongoing for some time, it is suggested to seek legal advice.
The Personal Injury laws of each State or Territory in Australia are in place to ensure that victims of injury are properly and justly compensated. If you have suffered an injury at work, involving a motor vehicle, or in a public place, insurance cover is compulsory for employers, drivers, and public or private organisations to support compensation claims that may need to be lodged.
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