NSW Compensation Claims

If you have been injured in an incident you could be entitled to compensation and you need to check as soon as possible as strict time limits apply on certain types of claims. Compensation could include:-

  • Loss of earnings

  • Medical expenses

  • Out of pocket expenses

  • Lump sum compensation for the injury sustained.

Areas where Compensation is potentially available to include:

Medical Negligence

A medical negligence claim is a claim for compensation for injury caused by the negligence of a doctor, medical practitioner or hospital. It could include a dentist, midwife, nurse, or pharmacist.

There is a reasonable standard of care that must be taken when providing treatment in New South Wales such as a healthcare practitioner. Failing to take reasonable care, in circumstances where the healthcare provider could or should have foreseen that their actions could injure you, is considered negligence. Negligence could pertain to a patient receiving below the reasonable standard of care resulting in an injury or a worsening of an existing injury.

These claims can be very technical and you should seek expert advice from Claim Lawyersabout any possible claim regarding NSW Laws.

Public Liability

If you can prove that the injury sustained was as a result of another party’s negligence you may still be entitled to your medical expenses, loss of earnings and possible lump sum compensation payout.

There are many ways to sustain an injury, here are a few examples:

  • In the workplace if you are an independent contractor

  • In the workplace if you are injured by the negligence of a person/company that is NOT your employer

  • Slip & fall e.g. On damaged footpaths, in supermarkets, shopping centres or other retail centres

  • Accidents in planes or on boats

  • Accident at school or in the playground

  • Injured at a sporting event or a recreational facility

  • Accidents in the home

  • Injuries due to defective products.

There are numerous ways you could be injured and if we have not covered how your injury was sustained don’t worry, you could still be entitled to claim, and should seek legal advice.

If your enquiry is not related to making a claim for compensation or compensation for injuries, unfortunately we are unable to help you. We ONLY specialise in Personal Injury Law and suggest you contact Legal Aid or the Law Society for a specialist in other areas of law.

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal advice and is simply gen

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