Motorbike Accidents – NT

Under Northern Territory injury law, if you are involved in a motorbike accident you need to report the accident to the police and lodge a claim for the injury with the CTP insurance company within 6 months. Northern Territory injury law is a ‘not a fault’ or negligence based system. This means, that irrespective of who caused the motorbike accident you will require the services of a specialist injury lawyer. If these time limits are not met it makes it difficult to pursue a claim. Seek immediate advice on your injury claim from one of our Claim Lawyers or Solicitors.

As everyone knows insurance companies do not want to payout any money. So to ensure that you receive just compensation for the injury sustained from the motorbike accident you must consult a personal injury lawyer or solicitor ASAP. As with all injury claims, you require the services of a specialist injury lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of the Northern Territory injury law and therefore you should contact Claim Lawyers today for assistance with your injury claim.

Bodily injury such as broken arms and fractured legs are the more likely injury to be sustained in a motorcycle accident, however as you will appreciate with being thrown from a motorbike at speed, numerous different injuries can be suffered including brain injury, back injury, etc.

The majority of motorbike accident claims are settled by way of negotiation and there will be no need to attend compensation court, hence the service of a specialist NT compensation claims lawyer is required. The extent of the compensation payout you will receive for the injury suffered is dependant on what is negotiated by your lawyer. Therefore, it is imperative a specialist injury lawyer is utilised such as those at Claim Lawyers. Contact Claim Lawyers today for assistance with your claim.

Contact Claim Lawyers today for an initial free consultation to find out your potential compensation entitlements. Remember time limits may apply.

If your enquiry is not related to making a claim for compensation or compensation for injuries, we are unable to assist you. We specialise in personal injury claims and suggest you contact Legal Aid or the Law Society for a specialist in other areas of law.

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal advice and is simply general introductory information. Please contact Claim Lawyers for advice specific to your circumstances.

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