NT Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Compensation Lawyers

The Northern Territory has a no fault scheme which provides compensation to anyone who was driving or traveling in a motor vehicle and are injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident pedestrians, passengers, drivers, cyclists and motor cyclists are all protected under this no fault scheme.

If you were traveling on your way to or from work you may also have potential NT Workers Compensation entitlements.

Time Limits

The claim should be lodged with the relevant insurer with a six month period. It is possible to lodge a claim after the 6 month period, however you will need to provide reasons as to why the claim was not lodged within the time period and each claim is considered individually.

All accidents must be reported to Police as soon as possible. If you do not report the accident within a reasonable period of time, this may affect your compensation entitlements regarding NT Laws.

What may I be entitled to? 

Loss of Earnings

  • You may be entitled to weekly payments for loss of earning as a result of your injuries.
  • If your claim is accepted the benefits are then paid fortnightly.
  • If you are undergoing rehabilitation and this rehabilitation stops, your benefits may cease.

The fortnightly benefits will cease when:

  • you are able to return to work – whether work is available or not.
  • when you do not have medical certificates to support your claim.
  • If you do not comply with the guidelines.

Permanent Impairment

If your injuries result in a permanent impairment of 5% or more, you may be entitled to a lump sum benefit. The percentage impairment is assessed under the AMA guidelines.

Medical, Rehabilitation and Hospital Costs

All reasonable costs may be paid including:

  • Medical Specialists and Doctors Consultations.
  • X Rats, MRI scans, CT scans and other.
  • If required, surgery.
  • Medication required as a result of the accident and prescribed by a medical professional.

Dependant children, orphaned children, Surviving Spouses and Dependent Parents may be entitled to lump sum payments

Reasonable Funeral Expenses

Reasonable funeral expenses may be paid up to a certain amount. There are guidelines as to how much can be paid.

If your enquiry is not related to making a claim for compensation or compensation for injuries, we are unable to assist you. We specialise in personal injury claims and suggest you contact Legal Aid or the Law Society to find a specialist in other areas of law.

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal advice and is simply general introductory information. Please contact Claim Lawyers who are compensation solicitors for advice specific to your circumstances.

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