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Remember strict time limits apply

One of the most important points to note when considering lodging a claim for injury compensation is that there are limitation periods that apply and must be adhered to when lodging injury claims. QLD operates under its own laws and time frames as does each State or Territory in Australia regarding accident injury claims or (in QLD) any WorkCover claim.

Claims lodged outside the specified time frame may not be accepted, therefore all accidents should be reported as soon as possible even if you are unsure of your legal compensation entitlements. Naturally, all motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury should be reported to both the relevant CTP insurer and the police as soon as possible and certainly within 28 days.

Accidents resulting in serious or long-term injury can occur in almost any situation or location and each can come under a specific compensation heading.

For instance, if the injury occurred while travelling directly to or directly from work your claim may come under the heading of a work injury and therefore include Worker’s Compensation.

Both children and adults may be entitled to accident injury compensation or to pursue a legal injury claim if you are injured at your local shopping centre, recreational reserve or school, catching a bus or ferry, walking along a footpath or in a private home or an hotel, injured by a malfunctioning product, are the victim of abuse, dog bite or other animal attack, food poisoning or medical negligence, and in numerous other situations.

Injury specialists injury lawyers have the knowledge and understanding of the legal system necessary to give you accurate advice on the likelihood of receiving an injury claim settlement based on the circumstances of the individual accident.

An injury claim payout may cover expenses for lost earnings, medical and certain hospital expenses, long term care and rehabilitation and lump sum compensation. More often than not a work injury claim or a claim for an injury sustained outside work hours can still be settled out of court with a lump sum payment. In addition, in the case of a fatal accident, surviving relatives may be eligible for assistance towards funeral expenses and compensation for any income the deceased brought into the household which has now been lost.

All these circumstances, and the resulting Public Liability, accident or work related injurycompensation amount, are subject to the degree of negligence of the injured person or of any third party person or situation outside anyone’s control, and the severity and permanency of the injury.

As with many legal areas, the requirements and ramifications can be very complex and it is therefore best entrusted to lawyers, such as  Claim Lawyers, who specialise in injury liability and injury claims Qld.

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal advice and is simply general introductory information. Please contact Claim Lawyers for advice specific to your circumstances.


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