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QLD Work Injury Compensation Claims

In Queensland, an injured person can claim compensation for an injury that has been sustained. Therefore if you have a work related injury, whether it is through a negligent act or not, you are entitled to Workers Compensation.

Irrespective of the type or extent of injury sustained you should immediately lodge an accident injury claim with the Workers Compensation insurer concerned. In Queensland, the majority of the Workers Compensation insurance is with WorkCover.

If you sustain an injury at work you are entitled to claim your weekly wage loss plus hospital and medical expenses. If you sustain a permanent injury you will be offfered lump sum payment.

If you have received an offer of a lump sum payment i.e. from WorkCover it is recommended: You get legal advice BEFORE signing anything.

  • Signing any offer will officially end your claim for good, and end all future rights to claim
  • Accepting will prevent you from pursuing a common law claim (or civil claim)
  • The lump sum payment does not take into account any future losses or expenses

If you have suffered a permanent impairment and your injury was as a result of negligence it is recommended you seek legal advice from a lawyer. Call Claim Lawyers for free legal advice to discuss your legal entitlements

Injury law can be complex and it is recommended you seek legal advice from a specialist injury lawyer who will advise on your compensation entitlements.

Contact Claim Lawyers today for a  free consultation to discuss your potential compensation entitlements or complete the  free case review form on this page. Claim Lawyers are a team of specialist injury lawyers. Our services include:

  • Free legal advice
  • Free case review
  • Free consultation
  • No win no fee representation (if you require a lawyer to represent you)

There are numerous different injuries that can be sustained at work, particularly industrial injuries sustained in mines, steel plants, etc. which are covered by QLD Workers Compensation. A common injury is a back injury, which regularly results in lump sum compensation being available, although Claim Lawyers can handle every type of injury including any bodily injury, brain injury, in addition to back injury compensation claims.

If the work related injury was sustained through negligence then you may have common law entitlements. It is recommended you discuss these entitlements with a specialist solicitor  practicing injury law. Call us today for free legal advice and to discuss your entitlements.

According to Queensland injury law, when asessing common law entitlements in addition to the severity of the injury, the length of time that the injury keeps a worker away from work is also going to be a factor in deciding compensation. It is important to keep both your doctor and solicitor fully abreast of how recovery from the injury is progressing to ensure you receive all the compensation to which you might be entitled.

To disucuss common law entitlements speak to our personal injury lawyers. Injury lawyers and accident lawyers may assist with your accident injury claim.

Contact Claim Lawyers today for an initial free consultation to find out your potential compensation entitlements. Remember time limits may apply so contact us by completing the form on this page.

The information in this website should not be construed as legal advice and is simply general introductory information. Please contact Claim Lawyers for advice specific to your circumstances.

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