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All about RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury

What is a Repetitive Strain Injury?

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a term given to a range of conditions which arise normally from work related repetitive activities or forceful movements. If the injury is sustained at work then you are entitled to claim under Workers Compensation for losses including wages, medical expenses and, if permanent, a lump sum payout.

Typical characteristics of a repetitive strain injury are discomfort in overworked muscles, tendons or other soft tissue and can cause tingling, swelling, pain and tenderness. In early stages of an RSI injury the pain may only be slight and if action is taken immediately no permanent injury may be suffered.

What are causes a Repetitive Strain Injury?

Causes of RSI are many and varied but can include poorly designed work stations which are too high or low; work equipment or tools that are badly designed or need excessive force to utilise. It can be as simple as a poor work station layout which causes awkward working postures for long periods or the continual repetitive movement of the same joints and muscles too often, too quickly and for too a long a time span.

If you suffer from an RSI injury you need to immediately advise your employer to see if changes in your workplace can be taken to eliminate the cause of the injury. Your GP should be consulted and their advice taken on treatment for the injury, and a claim lodged with the workers compensation insurer to cover the medical expenses and wages.

The laws in all the States and Territories in relation to pain and suffering compensation for both RSI treatment and RSI compensation amounts are completely different. Advice is required from a specialist solicitor such as Claim Lawyers before any settlement amount is agreed.

If you are the victim of RSI then you might be entitled to a lump sum compensation payout, and you should talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so that you can put in a claim ASAP.

A repetitive strain injury can become a permanent work related injury if initially ignored and can affect all aspects of your life. Therefore you need to act today to ensure that you get all your compensation claim payout. To pursue an injury claim speak to Claim Lawyers today.

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal advice and is simply general introductory information. Please contact Claim Lawyers for advice specific to your circumstances.

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