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Workcover Claims

If you have made a claim for workers compensation through your employers’ insurer WorkCover Queensland you will also need to get legal advice. You can discuss your work cover claim with a work injury lawyer

While work cover QLD provide you with benefits available under the workers compensation scheme, you may have other legal entitlements to compensation. This is why it is very important to seek legal advice. At Claim Lawyers we provide a workcover claims assistance service, carrying out a proper review of your work cover claim and can advise you of your legal rights, options and entitlements that are available to you.

WorkCover Queensland Australia may cover your loss of earnings, expenses such as reasonable medical expenses and reasonable hospital expenses, any reasonable travelling expenses and expenses that relate to your rehabilitation. However work cover only takes into account your past losses and expenses and does NOT take into account future losses and expenses you may incur from your injury. NOR do Workcover QLD consider compensation for your pain and suffering OR compensation for negligence.

If you have a serious injury that leaves you permanently impaired, your employer may discuss a return to work plan with you i.e. light duties. If this is not an option, and you are unable to return to work, your work cover payments will cease after you are issued with a Notice of Assessment and you will have to contact Centrelink for further financial assistance.

When work cover want to get you ‘off their books’ once your injury has stablised (this means it has settled and will not get any better or any worse), workcover Queensland will send you to a specialist to have your injury assessed. The assessor will measure (in their opinion) the level of impairment in the form of a percentage. Then WorkCover will issue you with a Notice of Assessment (or NOA) and may also offer you a lump sum payment. It is extremely important that you get legal advice BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING! By signing you can lose any further rights to compensation that is rightfully yours and may miss out on hundreds and thousands of dollars in compensation that will help you get your life back on track as best you can.

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