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Workplace Injury Compensation Claims

If you have suffered a work place injury then it is advisable to consult a workplace injury lawyer. Speaking with a lawyer doesn’t have to cost you any money, at Claim Lawyers we offer free legal advice and a free consultation. Getting the right advice for your workplace injury is going to put your mind at ease as you will find out how the workplace injury compensation claims process works and your legal rights as an injured worker. Our workplace injury lawyers can advise you of your legal rights, options and entitlements to work injury compensation.

For workplace injury advice speak to one a work place injury lawyer today.  A workplace injury claim for compensation can assist you with rehabilitation and reimburse you for your losses and expenses that have arisen from your injury.

If there has been negligence on behalf of the employer or by a fellow employee that caused the injury or there were not reasonable procedures in place to prevent an injury then you may have other entitlements under common law.  To be able to commence a common law claim, firstly negligence has to be clearly established. The circumstances surrounding the workplace injury need to be investigated properly to find out the actual cause of the accident and all the contributing factors.

A common law claim is a separate workplace injury claim available outside of workers compensation and it takes into account your future economic losses and expenses and the pain and suffering you have experienced. If you are entitled to make a common law claim (or negligence claim) you will need a work injury lawyer to represent you.

Please note you cannot pursue a common law claim in every State so where your injury took place will depend on your eligibility.

In Queensland in order to pursue a common law claim there are three important things that make a strong case for a workplace injury claim under common law these include:

  1. Employers negligence (fully or partially) has to be clearly established
  2. Your injury is permanent or has left you permanently impaired
  3. You have suffered great losses or will suffer great future losses, i.e. your ability to earn the same level of income after your injury has ceased.

Workplace injury lawyers can prepare your workplace injury claim and get the workplace injury compensation that you are legally and rightfully entitled to.

When you are searching for a workplace injury lawyer it is important to find one who specialises in the specific State or Territory where your injury occurred. The laws across Australia vary considerably as will your entitlements. Work place injury lawyers are not likely to practice all the laws in every State. At Claim Lawyers we aim to assist you wherever you are in Australia either directly or through one of our associate law firms who also advise you free of charge.

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